Policy Statement

As part of our ongoing commitment to service excellence, MIDAS Group continuously appraise and assess how we are doing in consultation with our clients. We aim to approve and adapt our training courses to the needs of our clients.

We understand that an efficient and effective complaints management is fundamental to the provision of quality services through the implementation of a concreate and transparent complaints policy and procedure. We encourage and have put in place a feedback mechanism with the purpose of attaining constructive criticism, resolving complaints, and continuously improving our services and procedures.

This policy aims to provide equal and diverse opportunities to all employees, service users, associates, and stakeholders. Our procedure provides an efficient process for the managing and maintaining of any complaints received by MIDAS Group by any stakeholder.

Our Procedure

A. All complaints are important to the MIDAS Group and are viewed as a key input to the continuous improvement program.

B. All complainants will be treated as follows:
C. All Complaints will be managed through an internal SOP, which, in summary, includes the following process.
  1. A clear complaint logging process and documented process.
  2. The process will be handled by an internal investigator. Dependant on issues outlined in the procedure’s manual, it may be a formal or informal process.
  3. In certain cases, it may merit the use of an independence investigator/advisor if:
    • The complaint involves a widespread discrimination claim.
    • The person accused of the infraction is a high-level employee.
    • A company practice or policy is challenged as having a negative impact on a particular group.
    • The complaint has been publicised in the Community, on the Radio/TV on a Social Media platform or the internet.
    • The complainant has hired a solicitor and/or filed charges.
  4. A clear complete investigation process, where on conclusion the evidence is reviewed and evaluated with to view to resolution and closure.
  5. Either the Investigator and/or the Quality Manager will communicate with complainant, and on conclusion, there is a 5-day option to appeal decisions

First Point of contact

Your first point of contact should be to let us know about your complaint by e-mail to: info@midasgroup.ie

Information Needed to Help you

We will ask for the following from you: